Urgently looking for a room with REGISTRATION and pet friendly

Date of placement 25.03.2018
Ivan Rainovski

the Netherlands (Holland)

Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Price 950

Registration possible:


Hi, I'm already in Amsterdam working so I'm up for meeting you all anytime. Some stuff about me: I work in the legal field and deal with intellectual property protection. I used to be a junior paralegal and worked in Sofia where I'm from for an Intellectual Property law firm. Now Im in Amsterdam doing something similar. I'm an easy going and friendly guy, I like to chill and hang out with people, not that big of a party person but like a good get together. I keep things clean and tide and respect people's rules and boundaries. I enjoy cooking and baking, and I have an active lifestyle, I play lacrosse and hike whenever I get the chance. How would you feel about having a doggo in the house? I also own a super friendly golden retriever pupper. He has been living in apartments since he was born and is used to close spaces. Also his practice on dutch stairs has been going well and he hasn't had any issues. (https://www.instagram.com/archer.van/). He's very well trained and well behaved, doesnt destroy stuff around the house and rarely barks, mostly if startled when sleeping. He is super friendly and used to living in apartments from his puppy days. He can chill the whole day alone and is house trained so there won't be anything wrong. I keep him groomed and shower him regularly so he's clean. I also keep the house clean as he can be a bit messy. However, this is not to be a burden on you, the responsibility for the pupper is fully mine you will though get to enjoy his love and affection and huge puppy eyes when he sees you eat something. Let me know if I'm someone you would consider for your room. If you have any other questions let me know, I can also provide you with the contact details of my previous landlord and a reference I have from him. I'm also willing to pay a higher deposit and also sign an extra agreement if needed. Thank you. Best, Ivan Rainovski
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