Student looking for room in Delft

Date of placement 06.06.2018
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Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Delft

Price 400

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Hello there, I'm Katha. I'm 20 years old and now finishing my first year of studies at the TU Delft. My contract will end in a little less than 2 months, so I am slowly starting to panic - my current emergency plan is to camp in Delftse Hout. I love music, I play ukulele and sing myself, and I usually listen to music most of the time. Apart from that I do a lot of creative smaller things like embroidery or sketching, I enjoy culinary adventures and I spend quite a bit of time with my friends drinking beer or coffee or just watching a movie. I always like to try out new things and learn more and more about them - at the moment that is the production of coffee and a little bit of Esperanto that I got interested in. I spend quite a bit of time at and around uni because I try to get involved in all kinds of activities. Still Id like to spend some time with my roommates, get coffee together, maybe drag them along to yoga once in a while, or let them drag me to whatever makes them happy! If there is a balcony or garden, I'll probably grow tomatoes - if there is neither that's fine too. My budget is 400€. I don't really care how big the room is as long as I can afford it.
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