(Shared) House in Amsterdam

Date of placement 29.04.2018
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Price 800

Living area (m2):


Hi There, After 2,5 years studying, working and traveling in Australia and New Zealand, I am back in Amsterdam. I landed myself a job at Scotch & Soda, a local Fashion label in the city for 4-5 days a week and looking into starting a business on the side. Currently sharing a crib with my brother and his girlfriend in Amsterdam North, but keen to let them do their thing and find another place. It is my first time living in the capital, so very keen to explore the city further and make some great new friends. Having said that, I have lived and worked in other large cities before Shanghai, Istanbul and Melbourne. I am a pretty relaxed 25 year old guy, social and outgoing, yet respectful and tidy in the house itself. Besides Fashion, Entrepreneurship and traveling my interest lies in cooking / food / drinks and listening / making music (haven't brought any instruments with me though). If my description sounds like a potential fit, shoot me a message, Cheers, Enver
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