Looking for a room/ shared flat from august 2018

Date of placement 29.05.2018
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Price 500

Living area (m2):


Hello fellas, my name is Lukas, 23 years old, I am a 4th semester student in International Management and doing an internship in Amsterdam West for 6 months, starting in August. Currently I'm living with 3 other people in a shared flat in Karlsruhe, Germany. It's a lot of fun living together with other people so I don't want to miss this life during my time in Amsterdam. I like sports like football, tennis and squash, hiking and travelling and of course to party. I am active in the Erasmus Student Network, so international roommates would be as great as locals :). I'm uncomplicated, reliable and "normal clean". As I'm getting monthly money from my internship, the rent will be less a problem. If you think I would match in your room or flat, or if you have questions about myself, you can contact me through e-mail or Facebook: Lukas Lucas. Greets Lukas
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