Looking for a room in delft

Date of placement 07.05.2019
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Delft

Price negotiable

Living area (m2):


Amenities (tangible):

Kitchen, Bath

Registration possible:



Bed, Wardrobe, Table, Chairs


Refrigerator, Gas/Electric heater, Washing machine

Amenities nearby:

University, Theater

Hi everyone, I am Akarsh and I am Indian who is pursuing his master of science in sustainable energy technology at TU Delft. My semester will be starting from September 2019 and I need a room to stay in for a year starting from August 2019, with a contract, around the university preferably within 15 minutes of biking to the university. I am a flexible and quiet person and I have experienced staying in a room in a shared apartment here in India. About me: I am 23 years old and I love music and would love to learn more about the music scene in the Netherlands and its culture. I have been trained in Carnatic classical music (a form of Indian music) on my violin for about 10 years now. I love watching sports including cricket, basketball (huge NBA and Bulls fan), F1 (Verstappen will win a race eventually this year) and tennis. Regards, Akarsh
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