Looking for a room

Date of placement 21.09.2021
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), 's-Gravenhage (Den Haag / the Hague)

Price 550

Hi good people, I am an Italian 25yo girl who is looking for a nice room to stay in Den Haag because, on the 4th of October, I am going to start an internship at the Kosovo Specialist Chamber. I have already lived in different shared houses around Europe, especially in my native city (Milano) and in Wroclaw due to an Erasmus exchange. In the past I have been so lucky with flatmates: we used to have dinner together, hang out together and we introduced to each other our friends. However, I am also respectful of other people’s spaces, enjoying from time to time some alone time; moreover, the internship will be in presence, therefore I mostly will be busy during daytime. Considering my future income, my max budget is 550: if you are looking for a flatmate don’t hesitate to text, call or invitate me out for getting to know each other a bit better. Cheeeers!

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