A place to rest my head in Groningen

Date of placement 24.07.2018
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Groningen

Price negotiable
Hello, my name is Matthew and I am coming to Groningen for my Master’s programme at the end of August. I am looking for a single room for the entire stay ( approximately 12 months) somewhere in the city. I am down to earth, open minded guy, i love to travel, read, do sports or just watch movies and chill. I am fluent in English but i plan on learning Dutch as well while i am visiting your country. Most of my time i will be spending in school / work and my room if i get it from you. I am originally from Slovakia but my studies have taken me to Canada and Prague as well and now it is Netherlands! I am really looking forward to enjoying your city and your culture and i hope that you will consider me as your tenant so i can start doing so from your place. Thank you!
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