21 year old male student looking for a room in Amsterdam

Date of placement 13.01.2020
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Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

Price negotiable

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Hey, I'm Fabian, 21 years old and studying in Amsterdam at the University of Amsterdam. I'm Dutch, originally from Arnhem but now living in Utrecht where I studied before. I'm studying Media & Culture now, it's my first year. I have also done 1 year of art school in Breda where I studied Photography and Film. I'm really into movies, I always love to go to the cinema to see new, old and foreign films. I'm a big music listener too, some favorites are Kanye West, Radiohead and David Bowie. I listen to a wide range of music genres and periods though, hip-hop is definitely my favorite. I also love to make my own short films to stay creative. I’m a vegetarian since 2 years ago and can cook fairly ok. I'm really just looking for a room in a house where I can talk to people and hang out.

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