Room next to Erasmus University Rotterdam

Date of placement 12.04.2020
Property type

Low rise buildings



Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Rotterdam

Price 750

Hey Everyone!

I am looking for tenants for recently available furnished rooms in my apartment, 5 minutes walking away from Erasmus Campus (and leads straight to the Erasmus Sport Gym). It is also 5 minutes walking from the station Kralingse Zoom. The apartment is on the street s’Gravensingel (Rotterdam) and has room for 3 people in total. Registration is necessary and each room contains furniture.

I am a first year IBEB student at Erasmus and was hoping to find girls around the same age as me 18-20. We would live in a regular apartment with working neighbours.

What am I looking for in a roommate?

  • International or Dutchie (alles is gezellig)
  • Student
  • Is clean and organised
  • Does not smoke (cigarettes or weed)
  • Outgoing, Motivated and Studious

*bonus: watches cody ko,david dobrik or jknews

Below you can find the descriptions of each room (please mind the fact that they will be available for different time periods). Each room has a contract that ends every August!

Available: 1 June

Size: 16m^2 (+ shared balcony and four (big) built in closets)

Furniture: double bed (w mattress), desk, office chair, curtains, relaxing chair (I don’t mean a massage chair)

Pros: spacious, huge closets and shared balcony

General Information

  • There is a laundry and washing machine
  • Living room (6m^2) w dinner table
  • Shower is apart from the toilet
  • Storage room for bikes
  • Shoe racks and jacket hangers by the entrance
  • The (brand new) kitchen has a shared fridge,, pans, pots, plates, etc. you get the gist
  • The kitchen also has an oven/microwave and a stove

PM or Email me if you are interested! Please include a little about yourself too" alt="">:))

Email me at: [email protected]

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