Nice room or own floor in the old center of Rijswijk

Date of placement 03.05.2020
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Rijswijk

Price negotiable

Living area (m2):


Open spaces:


Type of building:

Old construction

Amenities (tangible):

Kitchen, Heating boiler, Bath

Registration possible:




Energy Label:

Other Energy Label


Chairs, Couch, Dining table, TV table

Floor (building) area (m2):



Dishwasher, Gas/Electric heater, Washing machine, TV

Amenities nearby:

Public transport, Supermarket, Store, Highway, Bank, Park, University, Restaurant, Cafe, Fitness club

In the old center of Rijswijk, exactly in the middle of Delft and The Hague, I have 1 or 2 rooms available. Depending on your preferences you can also rent the whole upper floor with a private toilet and then the only thing we share are the kitchen and the bath room. It is a corner house with many nice shops / restaurants nearby and across the street there is a supermarket. It is 10 minutes by bike from Hollands Spoor, 15 minutes to The Hague Central, 15 minutes to the center of Delft and 20 minutes to TU Delft. It is near the A4 / A13 ramp and there is plenty of parking space in front of the door.

There is one floor with my room, the bigger room (18m2) the kitchen and a toilet and another floor with a 16m2 room, a 12m2 room with balcony and the bath room with a toilet and separate shower and bath tube. In total we have to cover 1500 euros all inclusive (including cleaning lady) and the total space is 100m2. How and with how many people we will do that will depend on your preferences. I would prefer to live with two roommates but if you want to rent the whole upper floor we can discuss that.

I am 31 years old and I work for NN Group in finance/IT. As I work fulltime it has to be quiet downstairs after 11pm. What you do upstairs is up totally up to you.

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