Have a hand on a flat in Scheveningen, The Hague NL. Want to start a musicians commune!

Date of placement 23.05.2019
Property type

Residential real estate



Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), 's-Gravenhage (Den Haag / the Hague)

Price 600

Amount of rooms:


Amount of bedrooms:


Living area (m2):


Plot (total) area (m2):


Type of building:

Old construction

Amenities (tangible):

Kitchen, Bath

Registration possible:




Amount of floors in building:


Amount of bathrooms:



Bed, Wardrobe, Table, Chairs, Couch, Writing desk

Floor (building) area (m2):



Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Gas/Electric heater, Washing machine



I am having my hands on this flat here Schevingen and I am searching for other muscians to move in with me to have musicians commune! https://housinganywhere.com/room/1415231/nl/Scheveningen/maaswijkstraat


Here is the description of the room: 

Completely furnished room in an apartment with original old Dutch details, 2nd floor, room A. The room will be wholly upholstered and furnished. The pictures show no curtains and no mattress, but there will be curtains.

You need to bring your suitcases!


The bedroom is situated on the 2nd floor. It is is the pink bedroom, see floorplan.


Shared utilities: Ground floor: furnished living room with open kitchen, including kitchenware, access to the cellar and toilet.

Second floor: washing machine, bathroom One bedroom is a maximum of 1 tenant!


You can find pictures in the Link above. 


Here is some information about me: 

I am a bass player from Berlin Germany and I am about to start my studies in Jazz at the Royal Conservatory in September this year. 


I studied sound design and music production at the hdpk in Berlin and I am now about to move on and start the next big chapter in my life! 


As I am mostly studying and practicing throughout the day and trying to take part in whatever musical project is coming my way I am a calm and relaxed flatmate. Don't worry about me being to loud while practicing! I am used to practice the Electric Bass with headphones so being quiet should be just easy. Practicing Upright Bass can't be done with headphones but it is possible to do that quietly too. 


When I am not busy with music I like to run around, spent time in the nature or just hang with friends and have a good time. I also love to check out some good food! 


I am open minded and I am looking very much forward to get to know new people and also hopefully learn a bit of dutch too! 


I consider my self as a tidy or orderly person and I definitely have no problems with washing my dishes directly after I finished my meals! :) 


Looking forward to meet you! 




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