Groningen-Newly renovated dutch house (1 of 2 rooms available)

Date of placement 20.05.2018
Usma Koser
Property type




Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Groningen

Price 1190

Amount of rooms:


Amount of bedrooms:


Plot (total) area (m2):


Open spaces:

Roof terras

Type of building:

Old construction

Amount of floors in building:


Amount of bathrooms:


Floor (building) area (m2):



Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Gas/Electric heater, Washing machine

Amenities nearby:

Public transport, Supermarket, Park, University

From 1st of June, 1 room available in 2 bedroom house. Approx total rental €750 euros. Would be sharing with PhD student, female, non-smoker, >30. Near noordenplatsoen, UMCG, RUG And centre. Detailed below: Ground floor (street level) It measures approx. 9.5 meter deep and 5 meter wide (47.5Sq/m). situated on this floor will be: Entrance hall Toilet (accessible via entrance hall) Living area, approx. 7 meters deep x 4 meters wide Fully equipped kitchen block Stair for upstairs access Bathroom Space for washing/drying machine Small storage area. Upper floor Measures approx. 6.5 meter deep and 5 meter wide. (32.5Sq/m). situated on this floor will be: 2 bedrooms 2.60 x 4.00 and 2.30 x 4.60 Stairway up with small hallway Access via the rear bedroom to roof terrace. Roof terrace approx. 3 x 4 meters. Both floors will have PVC flooring (easy maintenance and cleaning) all walls and sealings will be painted. As the house is completely refurbished, all electrical wiring, plumbing and central heating system will all be new. Costing: Rental price will be €1190.-- a month net. A deposit of a net months rental will be required. This does not include cost for: Local taxes and charges Gas, water, electricity, Telephone, TV and internet Special wishes you might have that can be included during the refurbishment and agreed to include. These charges will be on top of the net rental price. Several constructions can be thought of for these cost. Can be included and be paid as part of rental or these can be dealt by directly with the vendors chosen by the renters. These cost will be approx. as follows: Taxes (Groningen Municipal) €60/month TV/Internet (Ziggo) €60/month (this depends on final provider and type of subscription) Water €15/month (based upon charges I pay for my son and his girlfriend that live close by) Gas/electricity €170/month (based upon charges I pay for my son and his girlfriend that live close by) The water/gas/electricity charged at end of year/period based upon final bill I receive from the suppliers, based upon your usage.
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