"Why It Is Important For Realtors To Get Into REO | GSD Mode Podcast with Ben Barber & Joshua Smith"

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"Why It Is Important For Realtors To Get Into REO & Short Sales" GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Ben Barber and Joshua Smith. In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, we break down and answer the question of why we feel it is extremely important for Real Estate Agents to get into REO and Short Sales and make it a part of their Real Estate Business. If you want to create a "Recession Proof" Real Estate Business, this is essential in my opinion. The reality is that Real Estate itself is always selling and is always trading hands, there is no such thing as a good market or a bad market, instead we as Real Estate Professionals need to identify "Whom The Market Is Good For" and pivot our energy, focus and efforts to where the opportunities are at. I got into the Real Estate Industry in 2005 (this is Joshua Smith writing this just in case you didn't know LOL) and in my first 2 years, the real estate market was on fire, prices rising rapidly and I had a lot of success helping traditional Buyers and Sellers... Then, my 3rd year into the Business, things shifted quickly, we went from one of the biggest Real Estate Booms in recorded History to the biggest Real Estate Market Crash in recorded history... I had to quickly learn and pivot my focus to REO's and Short Sales, which I did and went from being one of the Top Traditional Agents in our market to now one of the Top REO and Short Sale Agents in our market... It took a lot of work to do this, but it was 100% worth it and I was able to continue to grow and scale my Real Estate Business each and every year regardless of the fact that we were in a massive real estate market crash (what now is referred to as the "Great Recession")... Just because the "Economy" is experiencing a downturn, does not mean your personal Real Estate Business shouldn't continue to grow and flourish, and it 100% should always continue to grow as long as you are willing to make the right adjustments within your Business. This is the 1st Podcast that Ben and I are doing in a multi part series, where each week we are going to release another Episode with more Tips on how to have massive success with REO and Short Sales inside your Real Estate Business... To learn more about "REO University" Go To: http://reomasteryuniversity.com/ *IMPORTANT: If you decided to join REO University, make sure to use PROMO CODE: REOUNIVERSITY , all one word and all caps, this will save you $500 so you can get the entire Training Program for Only $997 or 3 Monthly Payments of $333!

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