What Airbnb's IPO and COVID-19 Mean to Your Short-Term Rental Investing Strategy

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✅ SUBSCRIBE ✅ http://epicrei.tv Airbnb filed for an initial public offering and went public this week under the symbol "ABNB" on the Nasdaq Global Select Market. Is Airbnb Stock a Good Investment? Ever been interested in making money with short-term rentals but now hesitating due to the current COVID-19 impact on travel? Wondering what could Airbnb's IPO amid the COIVD-19 pandemic mean to your short-term rental real estate investments? Welcome to the club! If you want to make a lot of money on Airbnb with short-term rentals and know whether or not Airbnb stock is a good investment, you'll want to watch this for timing the market to build your Airbnb business. Get insight from Expedia CEO, J Massey of Cash Flow Diary and Skift. I'll even introduce you to a short term rental real estate investor who is absolutely crushing it. This is her BEST year ever! -------------- My name is Matt Theriault. When aspiring, frustrated investors are stuck in the proverbial “rat race,” they come to me. I help these people create passive income through creative real estate investing strategies so their money works harder for them than they do for it, resulting in ultimate financial independence and freedom. Whenever you're ready, here are some ways I can help... If you’d like… ✅ to brainstorm some ideas about your real estate investing and the potential of working together, watch this https://youtu.be/JQPTe2XzDVM ✅ to find off-market deals, regardless of market conditions, watch this https://youtu.be/nlRY5hw71iY ✅ to know how to present a deeply discounted offer to a seller so that they happily sign your contract, watch this https://youtu.be/CaAIuXKnN_M ✅ to learn the best way to make money investing in real estate next year, watch this https://youtu.be/nRdZ4kinmio ✅ a simple easy-to-follow "game plan" that pulls it all together, watch this https://youtu.be/cPGzti2jDfc ✅ to do deals and build wealth, check in here for weekly episodes and also subscribe to the #1 real estate investing podcast at http://epicrealestateinvesting.com – We give it all away for free and hold nothing back. ✅ to see the latest tools and resources Matt uses in his real estate investing business, take a look at this http://buyheregetmore.com

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