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When you meet a person or receive their contact information from someone you know, don’t rely on your business card or a one-off email to turn them into an active new lead down the road. You need to build a personal relationship that develops the trust that’s required to turn them into a closing client when they’re ready. This is a key strategy top producing agents follow to build their pipeline.

With our Agent CRM, all you need is their email address and birthday! Whether you’re interested in helping with buying or selling in the future, the right personalized email campaigns can increase your chances of working these types of contacts in the future.

While you could add them as a subscriber to a monthly Market report for one of your MarketBoost Markets, this isn’t the best experience since there is no introduction email and it lacks the personal touch you need to start building a relationship. Your marketing success revolves around delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.

In this article, you’ll learn how to put these leads into dedicated follow-up campaigns based on the community relevant to each lead. This process can be repeated for the top communities you serve so you’ll have dedicated campaigns for each.

Going forward, it takes just a minute to add a new lead you receive this way to your account using Optima Leads, our mobile app for agents, then enter them in the appropriate campaigns. Let’s get started!

Create A MarketBoost Market

If you haven’t already, create a MarketBoost Market for a community you serve. This Market data will be used as Smart Content within your email campaign described in the next step.

Create Community-Specific Email Campaign

You’ll now set up an email campaign in your IDX Control Panel specifically for referral leads in the community. You can copy one of the seller campaigns rather than building a new campaign from scratch. Learn how to copy and edit campaigns here.

Once you have copied a seller campaign, you can edit the first email so it has an appropriate follow-up greeting for people you have recently met. This is your chance to formally introduce yourself as an agent, share the value you bring, and invite these leads to reach out if they have any questions. If you can create a short video to add, that makes it even better!

In the campaign settings, set the Smart Content to be based on the MarketBoost Market related to the community.

Add The New Lead

Our mobile app included with Agent accounts, Optima Leads, makes it fast and easy to add new leads on your favorite mobile device. Learn how >

Select A Campaign

With the lead record in your account, you can now add the new lead to the appropriate campaign. This can be done within the mobile app or you can do it when you log into your IDX Control Panel with a browser.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings add a friendly, personalized touch to your lead nurturing. With a lead’s birthday entered in your Agent CRM, they’ll also receive birthday greeting emails automatically.

After The Campaign

Follow-up campaigns in the Agent CRM will eventually end after a certain time that will depend on what was set up in the campaign. At that time, you can look at a lead’s activity details in your IDX Control Panel to see if they’re subscribed to any MarketBoost Market reports or email alerts for searches they may have saved on your site. If they have, they’ll continue to receive those emails indefinitely, keeping you and your services top of mind with them. If you discover they have not done either of those things, you can add them as a subscriber to a monthly MarketBoost Market report for their selling location. if you know they are interested in buying in the area, you can also create a saved search for them in their lead record that will send them email alerts for active & sold listings and price changes.

Support Resources

Our support center is full of resources like our searchable Knowledge Base and training webinars to help you get the most value from your account. View the Support Center >

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If you don’t have an iHomefinder account, start your 30-day free trial, schedule a demo, or contact us today!

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