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According to an Upwork study covered by NPR, the United States is about to see an influx of 14-23 million remote workers. Turns out there were a ton of people staying in their cities because of their proximity to their employment. Now that COVID-19 has proven people are fully capable of remote work (and it’s much cheaper for their employers), the U.S. is expecting the work from home trend will hold, and subsequently, preparing for a mass moving event. Because I help my clients find investment properties in Colorado Springs and Denver (two locations that have always been attractive to nomads), we have already been catering to the remote workers and singing their praises for a few years now. What I predict will be called the “remote worker rental model” in the future is currently being called the “medium-term rental model” or “subletting” or, in some cases, “house-hacking” and “rent by the room.” While there can be some variants on this, the basics of it are a furnished, 30-plus-day rental. As we’ve had a lot of experience and a lot of success with this type of model, it’s my opinion everyone should consider this a very large and very lucrative future renter pool. And if you believe me on that, then you should also consider ways to cater to these people. For that reason, here are my top five things remote workers want in their rentals. Keep reading the article here: Subscribe to the BiggerPockets Channel for the best real estate investing education online! Become a member of the BiggerPockets community of real estate investors -

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