Garrington Market Review - June 2021

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Welcome to the June 2021 edition of the Monthly UK Property Market Review from Garrington Property Finders. In this latest edition we explore the trends seen over recent weeks in the housing market and provide updates on UK house prices. We explore how different indices are performing, and discuss why double digit house price growth may not be such a great thing for some movers. We also explore how the UK prime market is outperforming other sectors of the market and share latest data on high value London home sales. Finally, we also discuss the rise in popularity of holiday homes and outline how new mortgage availability is shaping this trend. We hope you find this edition helpful and as ever, if you have any property questions please do get in touch or leave a comment below. For more information about our UK property finder services, please visit our website: #houseprices #property #ukpropertymarket

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