Episode 80: Scott Smith Royal Legal Solutions

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Welcome back to the show! Today, I bring you another epic interview. This time, I get the chance to speak with Scott Smith of Royal Legal Solutions. If you’re a real estate investor, Scott’s business is a one-stop shop; he handles all kinds of legal issues that come up with real estate investing. Tune in to hear this really high-value episode and don’t forget to take notes! Minute Markers: [03:54] Scott describes his core team in Austin, TX. [04:29] Defining his ideal client. [06:10] His current holdings and what made him get into real estate investing. [09:10] Why people are mistaken about lawsuits. [11:43] How Rich Dad, Poor Dad influenced him. [18:26] Why the commercial space is so hot right now. [20:47] Why outsiders have the most sound advice. [24:30] Belonging to a group. [27:20] Why energy and intelligence aren’t everything.  [29:07] Finding a repeatable model of success. [33:15] The damage other people’s pain and fear causes. [37:25] Scott’s favorite app. [40:34] How much sleep Scott tends to get. [42:15] The book Scott is reading right now. [44:50] Why family is important. [49:50] Forming a non-profit. [Tweet "A lot of our great ideas are bad, we just don’t know they’re bad. - Scott Smith"] Links and Resources Royal Legal Solutions GoBundance Mastermind HabitBull The Four Disciplines of Execution

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