Car Shortage = Massive Layoffs = Real Estate Crash

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Reporting CAR SHORTAGE from the Streets of America. I am at a Nissan car dealership and walking around show you that auto shortage is not a joke in the usa. Most of the employees are off or layoffs because their are no cars to sell at one of the biggest car manufacturers in America Nissan. Guess what Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Maze..etc where all having the same problem of car shortage. Guess what? Many of these employees own real estate or rent. Guess What? many of the other companies that are tied to the Auto industry are also going to be laying off works too! You things these employees own a house or rent? At the Nissan car dealership I visited, there were no sale guys! can you image going to a auto dealer and they done have sale reps? Crazy #CarShortage #RealEstateCrash #MyRealEstateDojo ❤️ FREE BOOK OFFER: Real Estate Investing for Beginners: The Ultimate Starter Guide ▶︎​

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