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What goes into an effective SEO strategy for your real estate website? How can you bring more of your target audience to your website? Our recent webinar answers these questions and a lot more!

Find out what’s most important in the current SEO landscape and how you can start improving your search engine ranking right now. Our special webinar co-host and SEO expert, Luke Walsh of, is also a real estate agent and walks you through relevant examples and concrete steps for your real estate website that will deliver results.

Our article Real Estate SEO Features Overview covers iHomefinder account features that will contribute to your SEO strategy along with our blog content add-on adding content marketing, an important part of your overall SEO strategy.

Answers To Common Real Estate SEO Questions

In case you missed it, we held another SEO webinar in August, Real Estate SEO Questions And Answers, that addressed a great list of SEO questions we received from the webinar registrants. Between the SEO Q&A webinar and our most recent SEO strategy webinar (recording below), you’ll have a great introduction to the principles to focus on for an effective SEO strategy that delivers more organic traffic to your real estate website.

Webinar Recording – Building Your Real Estate SEO Strategy

Content Summary

Here’s a quick review at a very high level of the topics we covered in the webinar. Many important details are in the webinar, so don’t miss it!

SEO Trends

You have to anticipate what your users’ intent is on your website. They could have a variety of different goals, seeking different types of specific information. The more effectively you address user intent, the more you will be rewarded with improved ranking.

SEO Strategy Informed By User Intent

Once you identify user intent, build custom content that meets the needs of user intent – you can’t rely on IDX content alone. Address users’ needs effectively with engaging content that keeps them on pages longer and clicking deeper. This behavior is used by search engines to determine your ranking. Embedding dynamic IDX content, such as listing galleries, alongside your custom content on your custom pages can be an effective way to increase engagement.

Optimizing your custom content for ranking is critical. Tools like Squirrly SEO and Yoast SEO can be helpful if you have no SEO experience.

How To Start

You can start small by creating one or two custom pages that are carefully crafted to address users’ intent and watch the results over time. Keep in mind SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Much like a garden, it requires cultivation with strategic, custom content added regularly. Doing it yourself is possible but it takes time and effort. Most agents don’t have the time to produce content and learn how to use SEO optimization tools, so contracting an SEO consultant makes a lot of sense in those cases.

Our optional Express Content service adds regular blog posts to your blog, which is a great addition to your content marketing and SEO strategy. The blog article topics provided by Express Content are relevant to buyers and sellers to attract traffic, but they do not contain local market information. That being the case, we recommend supplementing them with custom pages you build on your site that target your local niche and specific locations.

Luke Walsh, our webinar co-host for our SEO Strategy webinar, offers SEO services that are a great choice to consider if you don’t expect to take on any SEO work yourself. You can reach Luke for a consultation through his website at

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